Italian Package: Luxury Fashion Experience (for Chinese students)

Italian Package: Luxury Fashion Experience (for Chinese students)

Objective of the Master Class:

Provide knowledge on the excellence of Fashion, through an important tour in the capitals of Italian fashion (Milan, Rome, Florence).

The Master Class gives a view of major italian stylist from 50s (Atelier Sorelle Fontana) to our days (Giorgio Armani and Miuccia Prada), with a particular focus on the product, trends, styling and image consulting.

Recipients: eveybody wants to know “Made in Italy”, stylists and italian fashion products.


Week I (Tour in Milan)

  • History of 90s Fashion + external exercises
  • Visit to Armani Silos+Armani tour
  • The birth of the fashion product+ Quadrilatero fashion tour with focus to Italian major designers.
  • Trend + fashion tour (Avant-garde boutiques+ traditional boutiques)
  • Styling + exercises with camouflage

Saturday and Sunday free

Week II (Tour in Florence)

  • Visit Gucci’s and Ferragamo’s shop
  • Visit to the Mall
  • Visit to Palazzo Pitti+ Luisa Via Roma + artisan laboratory

(Tour in Rome)

  • Tour to Palazzo Fendi+ Alta Roma
  • Fashion Tour in Via Condotti + visit MAXXI Museum

Saturday free, Sunday return flight

Teachers: established professionals operating in the Luxury & Fashion sector.

Hours: from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm

At the end of the Master Class FMBS gives each participant a Participation Certificate.

For further information and application fee: – Tel. 02 94557458 .

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